The Farm

Our Farm is a very important part of our business as it is where the process of quality starts. We are 4th generation farmers and when the farm was started by our ancestors it was a dairy farm which used to produce and retail milk on the doorstep mainly to the Halifax and Greetland areas. Our ancestors used the traditional farming methods in the early days with horse drawn machinery but now we use more modern farming methods to ensure the best land for our cattle.

The old milking parlour was converted into the farm shop we know and love today. In 2000 we replaced the dairy herd with Limousin cattle. Our cattle have a high health status and are annually tested to ensure the highest animal welfare. Early spring – sees the start of the calving season and also the animals are turned out to graze the farms green pastures. Summer keeps everyone busy tending the land, cutting the grass to make silage and hay. Cultivating and reseeding to ensure fertile pastures for our cattle to graze. Autumn sees the cattle return back to the sheds at the farm to be housed away from the winter elements to be fed on the silage produced in the summer months.

British Limousin cattle are the largest beef breed in the UK. First imported into the UK in 1971, the Limousin breed has built its reputation on being “The Carcass Breed”. It developed from a working meat animal into a highly specialised beef producing animal.

The limousin is an early maturing breed, which provides young but mature beef with a low proportion of bone and fat. These excellent qualities of the breed were so impressive that demand grew rapidly. By 1986, only 15 years after the breed was introduced to the UK the Limousin took the number one beef position nationally and still holds this position today.

Our cows are naturally reared and fed using grass silage produced on the farm throughout the winter and natural outdoor grazing in the summer months. This allows Far Barsey farm to produce beef with our own unique natural flavour, whilst ensuring a high quality meat matured to gain the best flavour.